Claire Verity is a cold weather accessories brand for women and men of all ages. Drawing inspiration from glam-ma’s, street-styles, runways, and snow days Claire’s accessories are fun, fashionable and most of all functional! After all, why does fashion have to be so serious? With that attitude, Claire creates a playful piece that’s colorful, soft and bright. All of her items are hand-knit by herself with a unique sense of style that will cause people to take notice. Through her statement pieces you’ll be sure to keep warm on any cold winter day.

Today, Claire works out of her home in New Jersey continuing to knit and create.

Claire Verity has made the front page of Etsy as a featured artist, while also being sold on Blake Lively’s Preserve 2014 Holiday Gift Guide. She continues to sell her knits on Scoutmob and has also been sold at Commondeer in Vermont, Made in Wyoming, Old Hollywood in Brooklyn and LES and Paperish Mess.